Kirsten McTernan Photography & Design | Actors Headshots


A nice comfortable and relaxed session in my studio overlooking Chapter Arts Centre. We can discuss what you need from your headshot and work towards tailoring it to your needs but most importantly looking like you. 


The session normally lasts just under an hour and includes 2 images from your session in digital format as well as options to purchase the rest if you wish. 

I normally take around 50-60 photographs and as part of the session you get to pick 2 photographs for free which i then give to you on CD/email. You are also welcome to purchase any others afterwards if you so wish. 


For the session the fee is £100


Extras on top:


I charge £10 for extra digital copies.

To purchase the whole session, i charge an additional £100, this normally is approx 50 or more different photographs.

After the session I upload all your photographs to my website for you to view (can be passworded if you wish) and as soon as you have chosen your 2 photographs i can either email them straight across to you or give you a password to download them directly. 


What to wear:


As far as what to wear, the rule in headshots is nothing too busy or distracting so something simple like a single colour top with no logos or distracting patterns. Most headshot photographers always advise wearing black or white tops which is fine but i always prefer wearing something in-between like a grey or even a green or blue colour top. That way its nice and neutral and isn't such a huge contrast like black and white colour tops.  Think about the colour in your hair too, if you're very dark then a dark coloured top will make your hair disappear into your top and in the same respect a totally white top will be a huge contrast from your dark hair and vice versa with lighter hair, so i always prefer to keep it nice and neutral like greys, light blues, reds and greens etc. 


Do feel free to bring a selection of different tops with different colours and necklines so you can try and get the most variety out of your shoot. 


If you wish to wear make-up it should be nice and natural, not too overdone but enough to bring out the best of your features :)


Any problems or questions please feel free to get in touch!