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Tender Pray Photoshoot - ©kirstenmcternanEuros Childs Publicity Photoshoot for Situation Comedy © Kirsten McTernanSweet Baboo Photoshoot © Kirsten McTernanLos Campesinos Band Photoshoot ©kirstenmcternanCate Le Bon Photoshoot for her album 'Me Oh My' © Kirsten McTernanCate Le Bon Photoshoot for her album 'Me Oh My' © Kirsten McTernanSweet Baboo - 12" Vinyl Album ArtworkSweet Baboo photography and design for the album 'Girl Under a Tree' ©kirstenmcternanSinger Photoshoot for Charlotte Church © Kirsten McTernanPhotoshoot for Ellie Makes Music ©kirstenmcternanEuros Childs Album artwork Photoshoot for his album 'Situation Comedy' ©kirstenmcternanEuros Childs Fruit and Veg Single Cover ©kirstenmcternanPhotoshoot for H Hawkline ©kirstenmcternanPhotoshoot for H Hawkline 2015 ©kirstenmcternanH Hawkline Photoshoot © Kirsten McTernanH Hawkline photoshoot © Kirsten McTernanhuwmedits©kirstenmcternan-041Photoshoot for Kizzy Crawford ©kirstenmcternanR.Seiliog Photoshoot Sept 2014 ©kirstenmcternanPhotoshoot for Sinfonia Cymru © Kirstenmcternan